Call for Volunteers!

Kimberley/Cranbrook 55+ 2018 BC Games are just around the corner.  The event will host approximately 2200 athletes in 23 events in and around our cities.

An event of this size cannot take place without the hundreds of volunteers required for the games.  A goal of 1000 volunteers will be needed for a variety of activities.  The organization of the games sees the volunteer tasks broke down into many small pieces, so there is an opportunity for helping out, without having to make huge time commitments.

With 23 sports, there is a need for volunteers to work with our Sport Chairs and officials to deliver quality events.  If you sign up for specific sports, you will receive direction and training as needed.  Many of our sports still need volunteers.  Examples of the types of duties include items such as:

            Track and Field

· raking and helping measure at the long/triple jump pits

· putting the high jump bar back up on the posts when its falls and help with the raising of the bar

· collecting throwing items for all the throwing events

· setting up and taking down hurdles

· helping with organizing athletes in their lanes for the short running events

· counting laps for the long distance running

· giving out water/Gatorade at the aid station on the 10k run

· preparing and giving out snacks at the end of the race

· general take set up and take down of equipment during the 4 days


– registrar who provides information, format, server wristband to participants, and other tasks

– marshalling teams to vacant courts

– scorekeepers

– identifying open courts to keep draw moving effectively

– general assistance, sweeping courts, assisting set up

While many sports still need a few more volunteers, track and field, pickleball, cycling, swimming and ice curling are low at this time. 

In addition to sport specific tasks, there are a number of other directorates still requiring volunteers.

These directorates (and a sample of a current need) are:
  • Transportation (drivers)
  • Promotions (photographers),
  • Special Events (assisting at the numerous special activities for participants and volunteers),
  • Protocol (hosts that greet and provide information to participants at all sport venues),
  • Registration and Results (checking in games participants at the accreditation centre)
  • Administration (assisting in our equipment warehouse),
  • Security (traffic control)
  • Medical (first aid services at games venues)
  • Communications (switchboard games info line)
  • Friends of the Games (assisting in recognition activities for games sponsors).

These are just an example in each directorate, but other tasks are still needed.

To volunteer, please visit the Volunteer Portal and follow the link.  You will be contacted by a Volunteer Management Chair afterwards, who will discuss your availability, training times etc.


While we will take volunteers right up to the games if they are needed, we are hoping to have as many volunteers signed up early so they can attend our volunteer accreditation event on either Tuesday, August 28 from 5-9 pm at the Heritage Inn, or Wednesday, August 29 from 5-9 at the Marysville arena.  This will be your opportunity to meet you Directors, pickup yoru volunteer badge and tshirt, as well as your information handbooks.  If you can’t make these dates, or register afterwards, you will be able to pick up this material at our games office (address).  Remember to encourage a friend, coworker, or family member!

 Let’s show our visitors how great our two communities are, by delivering an amazing games!