Description: Ice Curling is a sport that is played on a sheet of ice.¬† Curling involves the controlled release and aim of heavy granite stones toward a target located at the other end of the ice (which, in the parlance of the sport, is called a “sheet”). Two teams of four alternately each “curls” their allotted two stones at the target. During the period of time when each team delivers the total of eight stones (called an “end”), team strategy can shift from trying to guide a stone nearest to the bulls-eye of the target (the house) to attempting to hit and remove the stones of the opposition. Depending on the number of stones nearest the target, a team can store no, one, or several points in an end. The object of curling is to outscore the opponent at the conclusion of the even number of ends (typically eight or ten).

Location: Cranbrook Curling Club (Cranbrook)

1777 2nd St N, Cranbrook, BC


Kimberley Cranbrook 55+ BC Games: September 11-15, 2018