Well we’re getting close to the 55+ Games of 2018!  It certainly doesn’t seem that long ago that we were meeting for the first time and beginning to build our team.


Of course, we still need volunteers and we still have lots of work to do!  But our teams continue to strategize, to plan, to collaborate within their areas of operations.  They also work as a team with other directorates communicating and sharing ideas as well as the work load.


As we all continue to prepare we need to remember to check our binders, the website – 55plusgames.ca and all of the information circulated during our meetings and by the many emails we share!


We look forward to hosting our participants in the beautiful East Kootenay cities of Kimberley and Cranbrook and making our games friendly, fun and simply fantastic.  


Thanks to all of our sponsors, supporters and to our working team of directors, chairs, operations manager, staff, BCSGS, events manager and our many volunteers for their hard work to this point.  Keep up this great effort everyone and remember that old saying, ‘None of us is as smart as all of us’.


Sandy and Jaret