[fusion_text]All sport competitions are free and open to the public; you don’t need a ticket to attend! If you are looking for a quick overview of what’s going on, review the Week of the Games at a Glance document at the bottom of this page to see an overview of all the sports and activities in the Games.

For individual sport schedules, click the schedule link for each sport. Please note that schedules are subject to change.

If you have any questions, please contact the Games Office.

Please note:  All sport schedules are subject to change.

Official Sport Schedule will be provided at accreditation

Week of the Games at a Glance

ARCHERY [ddownload id=”16679″] [ddownload id=”16702″]
BADMINTON [ddownload id=”16680″] [ddownload id=”16703″]
BOCCE [ddownload id=”16681″]
revised 9/10/18
[ddownload id=”16704″]
BRIDGE [ddownload id=”16682″] [ddownload id=”16705″]
CRIBBAGE [ddownload id=”16683″]
revised 9/10/18
[ddownload id=”16706″]
revised 9/7/18
CYCLING [ddownload id=”16684″] [ddownload id=”16707″]
DARTS [ddownload id=”16685″] [ddownload id=”16708″]
DRAGON BOAT RACING [ddownload id=”16686″]
revised 9/10/18
[ddownload id=”16709″]
EQUESTRIAN [ddownload id=”16687″] [ddownload id=”16710″]
FIVE PIN BOWLING [ddownload id=”16688″]
revised 9/7/18
[ddownload id=”16711″]
FLOOR CURLING [ddownload id=”16689″] [ddownload id=”16712″]
GOLF [ddownload id=”16690″] [ddownload id=”16713″]
HOCKEY [ddownload id=”16691″] [ddownload id=”16714″]
ICE CURLING [ddownload id=”16731″] [ddownload id=”16715″]
LAWN BOWLING [ddownload id=”16692″]
revised 9/12/18
[ddownload id=”16716″]
MOUNTAIN BIKE RACING [ddownload id=”16693″] [ddownload id=”16717″]
PICKLEBALL [ddownload id=”16729″] [ddownload id=”16718″]
SLO PITCH [ddownload id=”16694″] [ddownload id=”16719″]
SOCCER [ddownload id=”16695″]
revised 9/7/18
[ddownload id=”16720″]
revised 9/7/18
SWIMMING [ddownload id=”16696″] [ddownload id=”16721″]
TENNIS [ddownload id=”16725″]
revised 9/10/18
[ddownload id=”16722″]
TRACK AND FIELD [ddownload id=”16697″]
revised 9/7/18
[ddownload id=”16723″]
revised 9/7/18
WHIST [ddownload id=”16698″] [ddownload id=”16724″]